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Drimer Wysoki

Irena Wysoki, at our Annual Memorial Gathering, 2019
Seventeen thousand Jews lived in Drohobycz before the war. Only four hundred survived the Holocaust. Among them was Irena’s entire family: Her parents Yaakov and Lea and her brother Marcel. The family was in the Drohobycz ghetto and during Aktions they hid with gentiles or in underground hiding places. Before the ghetto’s liquidation the family fled and hid with the Sawinski family in a nearby village. The Sawinskis were recognized as Righteous Among the Nations and Irena and her family keep in touch with their descendants to this day.
After the war, when Irena was 8 years old, the family moved to Silesia (Śląsk) and in 1963 immigrated to Israel. Marcel moved to the US and volunteers with the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.
Irena received her Civil Engineering degree from the Wrocław University of Technology. In Israel, she held senior positions at the Ministry of Housing for many years.
Irena is married to Manes. They have two children - Michael and Tamar and six grandchildren.

Submitted by Marcel Drimer, USA

Surviving the Holocaust in Poland

About Avraham (Bume k) Gruber, Marcel's and Irena's uncle, whose wife, Blima, and daughter  Liba
were murdered in Bronica Forst 


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Sawinski family who saved the Drimer family by hiding them in their small farm.

Pictures of family meetings and Maria Wurlowska, the great great granddaughter of the Sawinski

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