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Submitted by his daughter Laura Ginns

Ludwig "Larry" Hiss born Dec. 1, 1927 born in Lviv but lived in Boryslaw

Parents - Josef Hiss born April 8, 1892 - Engineer for the Carpathian Oil Company and Ida Sigulin born 11-11-1906 Drohobycz

Family survived in Boryslaw for an extended time because father worked for Berthold Beitz, Carpathian Oil Company - his family was put on a list and "saved" for a while with work.

Aug. 10, 1944 Ludwig and his father Josef were transported to Plaszow. His mother was also transported that day and that was the last he saw her. She died in a camp but there is no documentation. Ludwig and his father then went to Mauthausen and then the sub-camp Linz. My father survived the camps but his father died days before liberation.

After liberation, he made his way to DP camp - Zeilsheim and came to the US as an orphan Feb. 11, 1947 - went to live in a Jewish orphanage in Cleveland.

He lived the rest of his life in Ann Arbor, Michigan - he was a home builder. He married and had 2 children. He died Feb. 8, 2016

In the first photo at a birthday party, Ludwik Hiss in the front row, far right (in a sailor suit). Jurek Rotenberg is 2nd to the left holding the flowers. Assuming that others are from Boryslav in the photo, but no further information.

Second photo is Ludwik Hiss next to his mother.

Third photo is Ludwik Hiss (young boy) with his parents and others walking in Boryslav.

The fourth photo was taken in 2014. Ludwik Hiss, his wife Carolyn, his son Joe and his partner Cyndi.

Below is the family of his daughter - husband Jonathan Ginns and sons Elliot, Aaron and Oliver.

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