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sumitted by his children : Edna Greniman -Haifa ;Margalit Meidar -U.S.A ; Alex Ebel- U.S.A

Haim Yitzhak (Izio) Ebel, son of Alexander and Pesel z”l, was born in Drohobycz in August 1917. He passed away in Haifa on May 11th, 2017.
Izio and his wife came to Israel with their two children on the Pan York boat. Initially they lived in the immigrant camp in Pardes Hana. Later they moved to Haifa where their youngest daughter was born.
In the preface to his life story Izio wrote: “Was I born of Stone?”. He was unable to comprehend why he was the only survivor whereas his parents and three sisters were all murdered in the Shoah. The fact that he lost his entire family in the Shoah was in his blood. He had never forgotten and never forgiven!!!
Izio was a scholar. He taught himself to read and write Hebrew, English and accounting. He was an accomplished accountant and bridge player.
He was a fun loving person and his sense of humor was well known among his many friends and acquaintances. He had a talent to improvise stories and jokes.
Izio was one hundred years old when he passed away. He was healthy in body and mind until his last day. His body systems collapsed in a few hours.
The names of his lost beloved family members, whom he carried in his soul were inscribed on his tombstone. May his memory be a blessing.

Submitted by: Itzhak (Izio) Ebel, Haifa 

Jewish Oil Magnates, Y.Hirshaut, Translated: I.Ebel

Yitzhak Ebel’s hand written testimony - part of the “Every person has a name” the city of Haifa project to document holocaust victims.