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Submitted by: Yona Magal, Beer Sheva

Yehuda Cohen, Halutz of the 3rd Aliya

Pleasant Memories

Submitted by Yona Magal, Be’er-Sheva and Oded Haviv, Jerusalem
Family Story:
Yehuda was the son of Rabbi Avraham Kitaigorodski
He was born in Cherkasy, Ukraine in the Kyiv (Kiev) area. Due to the pogroms, the family moved in 1903, and eventually arrived in Drohobycz. His father, Avraham Kitaigorodski was the head of a yeshiva together with his brother Refael Kitaigorodski.
During the First World War he lost a leg while serving as a reporter. In the early 1930s he made Aliyah to Israel.
Elizabeta was Yehuda Kitaigorodski’s daughter.
At the age of 22, as a medical student, she traveled from Drohobycz to Lvov to visit her aunt Melba who lived in Lvov following her marriage to Marcus. While in there, the Germans occupied Lvov and Elizabeta’s fate turned to be the same as that of the rest of the Jews in town.



A video recorded during a multi-generational get together organized by Yona Magal on November 3rd, 2018 in her Senior Citizens home in Be’er Sheva.