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Submitted by Rami Willer and Rivka Hevron. 

Film Editor: Hen Tzarfati

Watch the interview with Shmuel  

Yehoshua Tilleman – second generation during the annual memorial gathering in 2019:
Yehoshua’s father, Yona z”l left Drohobycz for the Soviet Union with his two brothers Shmuel (who is turning 100 this year) and Isik z”l. His other two brothers Moshe and Michael were killed during their military service.
After the war, Yona met and married Victoria z”l. It was a second marriage for both, after their first families perished in the Shoah.
Yehoshua was born in Drohobycz in 1947 and the family immigrated to Israel in 1957.
Yehoshua was a bookkeeper. Now he promotes the knowledge of the International language Esperanto, collects stamps and is active politically.
Yehoshua is married to Bilha and they have two sons – Doron and Rami