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Who we are?

The Organization of Drohobycz, Boryslaw and the Vicinity Survivors and their Descendants devotes its efforts to preserving the story of our communities.
  • On this website
  • Via social networks
  • Via traveling historical exhibitions
  • In annual memorial meetings and intergenerational meetings throughout the country
  • By documenting and preserving family history through films, books, testimonies, diaries and memoirs
  • Promoting roots trips
  • Assisting in the search for families and acquaintances
  • Maintaining contact between members
  • Preserving of monuments and synagogues connected to the heritage of the communities
  •



מפגש קהילת דרוהוביץ בוריסלב

There is no translation available.מפגש קהילת דרוהוביץ בוריסלבב-12.9.23 בשעה 19:00 בבית התפוצות, תל אביב.נשמע את סיפורו של חיים אלטבך, דור ראשון, על בחירתו בחייםונרים כוסית...

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Drohobycz Boryslaw and Vicinity Organization


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