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The material was submitted by Ram Oron, Karen Oron’s husband. Karen is the granddaughter of Fania Manter, Ness Ziona.
My wife’s grandmother Fania Manter (Wekselberg) was born in 1918 in Drohobycz, the daughter of Yitzhak Wekselberg and Chaya Clara Schwalbendorf.
Fania, her mother and her sister Paula survived the holocaust thanks to the Righteous Among the Nations Julian and Józefa Zajac. The Zajacs hid them and 4 other Jews (Izaak Landesman, Mendel Landesman, Naftali Borgman, Abraham Borgman) in the cellar of their home from 1941 until the summer of 1944.
Fania’s brother Chaim Herman (Hirsch), his wife Rivka and their daughter were murdered in the Shoah.
Chaya Clara was one of the nine children of Pesel and Shlomo Yaakov Schwalbendorf.
Yitzhak Wekselberg was the son of Pinchas and his brother Abraham lived in Boryslaw.

מצורף מסמך מיד ושם בנוגע לחסידי אומות העולם

עץ משפחה

fanya main
פניה וקסלברג

herman main

הרמן וקסלברג

pola main
פולה וקסלברג
yizchak main

יצחק וקסלברג