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Submitted by Dr Jack Arbiser, Atlanta, GA

Give Me The Children - Part A
Give Me The Children - Part B

Frisch Bienstock

Zoom meeting with Irene Frisch Bienstock on 9/8/2020

התקבל מבתה שרון קורמן ארה"ב.

"Irene (Bienstock) Frisch ung (71002) I"X Daughter of Sara (Halliman) Bienstock & Israel Bienstock; Born May 1, 1931 in Drohobych
'yanta 1.5.1931 - Did Th12 Died West Hartford, Connecticut, U.S "max ninn vona 7.11.2021 - DI'd n
בת שרה לבית הלימן וישראל בינשטוק
Irene (Bienstock) Frisch, a lifelong lover of books, lived many chapters. She was born and raised in Drohobych, Poland, as the spoiled baby of the family. From ages 11-15, she survived the Holocaust in a ghetto and later in hiding, saved by her beloved nanny, Frania Sobkowa. After liberation, she completed high school in Legnica, Poland, served in Israel's military, attended law school in Tel Aviv, and finally came to the U.S. There, she met and married fellow survivor, Eugene Frisch, on a blind date courtesy of her sister, Pola. They raised two children in New Jersey, while Irene earned her Masters Degree in Library Science from Columbia University. Irene held several prestigious positions before serving as head librarian for Sterling Drug in NYC. After retiring, Irene took up bridge and painting, published stories about her life, and enjoyed time with her four grandchildren. Irene spent her final chapter in West Hartford, Connecticut.
Left behind: Son - Benjamin Frisch and his daughter, Ariel Frisch. Daughter -Sharone (Frisch) Kornman and her husband, Paul Kornman, and their children: Jacob Kornman (with fiancé, Lizzy Weingold); Isabel Kornman; and Joseph Kornman.
יהי זכרה ברוך.
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