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Submitted by Basia Pelz

Baruch Pelz was born in Boryslaw on October 23rd, 1924, son of Yermiyahu and Tonia. Baruch had two younger brothers – Isaac and Alexander. The father Yirmiyahu, who owned a technical workshop, passed away when the children were very young. The mother, Tonia, continued bravely to provide for the family until she was murdered in the Shoah.
During the holocaust Baruch was in concentration camps and was liberated in Mauthausen. In 1947 he immigrated to Israel on the “Exodus” with his brother Isaac (Buszko) and their friends from the Naham youth movement (Noar Haloozi Meuhad). After the hardships of the journey on the “Exodus”, Baruch took part in the War of Independence as a “Haganah” fighter.
Baruch worked at Israel Electric Corporation (Hevrat Ha'hashmal) for 44 years until his retirement. Throughout his years in the company Baruch participated in the development, building and maintenance of the Tel-Aviv municipality electrical infrastructure. In 1988, Baruch received the company’s “outstanding employee” award.
Baruch loved Boryslaw, his birth place, and liked to talk about it with friends and family. He had many friends from Boryslaw whom he knew from his youth there, and others whom he met while living in Tel-Aviv. He loved Tel-Aviv, knew it very well and called it “The Home”.
Baruch married Barbara – Basia in 1959 and together they raised a family. He liked to talk about the happy and vibrant life in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s in Tel-Aviv, a place he loved and spent much good times with his wife Basia and his many friends.
Baruch passed away in Tel-Aviv on January 7th, 2018.

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