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Submitted by Aviva Nathan, (Garfunkel) Haifa, Israel.

My name is Aviva Nathan, my maiden name was Garfunkel.
My mother Bronia ( Maiden name Halpern ) married my father Shimon Garfunkel, they both lived in Drohobycz.
During one of the "Akcia’s" (which means to bring the Jews to a concentrated place before killing them) my father Shimon was captured and transferred to Janovska concentration camp in Lwow.
My mother wanted to save him, so she decided to follow him to Lwow. She acquired Aryan documents that were needed for her and me, although they were​  very expensive.
When we arrived in Lwow we resided at first in the Aryan-Christian part of town.
My brave mother decided to move to the ghetto near the camp, by doing so she put her life on line, my brave mother. When my mom went to the Ghetto she wore the "Yellow star" leaving me all by myself at the rented apartment every day.
My mom was able to meet my dad on his way to his daily forced labor. Mom agreed with the group commanders on the amount of money needed to set my father free. However, on​ the next day when she came to camp, she was told ​by the prisoners  that he was killed.
In memory of my father, Shimon Garfunkel and my mother Bronia, who survived the Holocaust, saved my life and passed away in Israel.

An interview with Aviva Natan Garfunkel at an Intergenerational Gathering, September 12th, 2014, Haifa