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Submitted by Lonek and Ron Milrad, Tel Aviv. Interviewed by Dr. Zvika Reiter in 2014.
Arye (Lonek) Milrad was born in Drohobycz in 1920. His father was a contractor. Lonek, an only child studied in the elementary and high school in Drohobycz.
His mother was murdered in the Shoah. Lonek and his father were first in hiding and then in Płaszów, Mauthausen and Gusen (?). His father did not survive.
After liberation Lonek immigrated to Israel aboard the “Hannah Senesh” vessel in 1945. His wife Isabela Rosenbaum made Aliyah in 1948.
Lonek held management positions at various branches of the ministry of finance until his retirement.
About ten years ago, Lonek published his war time memoirs: “The fateful leap”, which was edited by his son Ron who is named after Lonek’s father.
Lonek has two children.

The Fateful Leap

Permission by Mira Markus, Arie's daughter, Ramat Gan
Metal bracelet with prisoner number 85458 that Aryeh Mühlrad was forced to wear in the Mauthausen Concentration Camp