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Submitted by Yaacov Bergman,Jerusalem

Mr Murray (Moyshe) Bergman (the interviewee) grew up in Boryslaw into an ultra-orthodox Hasidic family. His wife, Freeda Bergman, (the other interviewee) also grew up in Boryslav, but into the completely secular August family. They met after the War in a displaced persons camp (DPC) in Ulm, Germany, where they married. Their children, Roslyn, Henry, and Hana live in the US. Roslyn and Henry are lawyers, and Hana is a CPA. Roslyn lives in Atlanta GA with her husband Rear Admiral (Ret) Dr Henry Falk who served as chief of the Health and Environment Division of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Dr Falk visits in Israel often to consult both the government and academe in his areas of expertise. Dr Falk's parents were Holocaust survivors too.

Moyshe Bergman Interview

Freda Bergman Interview