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Submitted by Barbara Bieganiec; Interviewed by Dr. Zvi Reiter in 2018

Zbigniew Kelhoffer lived most of his life in Boryslaw. His brother Mieczysław served in the Anders army. Their parents perished in the Shoah.
His wife Sidonia (Pomeranz) was born in Boryslaw. Sidonia and her two sisters Julia and Róża – Varda survived the holocaust.
Zbigniew and Sidonia met at school in Boryslaw.
During the war, Zbigniew worked in Koszary forced labor camp in Mraźnica and Sidonia was in hiding.
After the war, Zbigniew and Sidonia lived in Boryslaw and Gliwice, where their daughter Barbara was born. In 1968 they immigrated to Israel.
A collection of personal documents of the Kelhoffer-Pomeranz families can be found at the Lohamei HaGeta'ot museum.