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Derfler Henefeld

Submitted by Ze'ev Henefeld, Nadav and Anat Henefeld. Interview with Dr. Zvika Reiter, 2017

Arye and Dvora (Derfler) z”l were born in Boryslaw in 1911.
Arye and his wife Dvora immigrated to Israel in 1933. Three years later they were joined by Aryeh’s mother and his sister. Dvora’s parents and three of her siblings were murdered in the holocaust. Her sister Tonda z”l survived.
Aryeh and Dvora had three children: Zeev, Yemima (Jimi) and Ruthi.
Zeev was born in 1935. He was a fighter pilot in the Israeli air-force and later studied engineering at the Technion. Later he managed the metal works “Arye Henefeld” (established in 1936). Today, the factory is managed by Arye’s grandchildren (Yemima’s children). Anat is a systems analyst. Nadav was the captain for the Israeli basketball team and the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team. He is currently a real estate developer.
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