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Steinhause Sznap

Submitted by Ron Mandelbaum, Matan
Engineer Sylvia Mandelbaum was born in Drohobycz on August 28th, 1929. She was the only child of Zalman Stefan Scznap and Regina Steinhause. Sylvia passed away July 7th, 2015 after a battle with cancer.
Her father Stefan owned a foundry. Between 1941 and 1944 until the Germans left, he hid 18 members of his and his wife’s family in a bunker he built inside the foundry while living in the ghetto and still operating the plant.
It is an incredible story, one to remember and never forget.
Stefan passed away in 1977 and Regina passed away exactly twenty years after him in 1997.

Engineer Sylvia Mandelbaum Steinhaus- Scznap from Drohobycz
Regina Steinhaus the daughter of Nathan Steinhaus and Helena Wegner
My grandfather Stefan Scznap, the son of Berta Fogelfenger and Bernard Scznap