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Submitted by Sara Rubin-Weitz, US

Mordechai (Markus) Weitz born in 1901 in Boryslaw, to Moses Weitz who was
born in Boryslaw, and Henie Weitz born Nadler Gartenberg in Gaji Nizne near
Drohobycz. Moses Weitz was a payroll director in one of the oil companies
(Nafta?). Moses and Henie perished in the Holocaust.
Mordechai (Markus) had three sisters and five brothers.
Anna Weitz Rhoerberg died in the thirties, she had a son-Belo who perished in
holocaust and a daughter Elizabeth who survived the war in Russia, towards the
end of her life immigrated to Israel and died in Beer Sheva.
Mina Weitz Yeager perished in the first Action in Boryslaw.
Klara, we do not know what happened to her.
Simon (Simcha Shymek) Weitz married Kalra Friedman and moved to Lvov they
had two sons: Adam and Alexander and their parents did not survive.
Kuba Weitz, was a soccer player in The Kadima team. In high school his
Mathematic teacher used an Antisemitic word against him Kuba slapped his
teacher. As he could not continue his education in Poland, he moved to France to
complete his education there. During the war he served in the French army and
was taken prisoner, after his release he continued his studied as a chemical
engineer. Was married with one daughter. Died in France in 1977.
Tuvia Weitz immigrated to Israel in 1925 and was one of the members who
established Kibbutz Merchavia. Tuvia served in the Palmach , worked in the
kibbutz and helped new kibbutzim in the Gaza strip and in the Golan Heights.
Tuvia and Mala Had two sons. Amotz was a scientist in Hebrew University and
Arie, was a pilot in the Israeli airforce, and was an active member in the kibbutz
and the movement. Arie and Merav had 6 children and six grandchildren. Tuvia
died in Merchavia
Israel (Srulek) Weitz immigrated to Israel in the in 1929? Lived in Haifa had two
children and six grandchildren. Towards the end of his life moved to Kibbutz
Yisrael Died in 1993 and buried there.
Samuel(Shmilek) was married before the war. During the war he was in the Polish
army, was wounded. His wife did not survive the war. He was in DP Camp in Berlin
and from there moved to Sweden. In Sweden he was a graphic designer, married
and had a son, and 2 grandaughters He died in Sweden in 2004.
MY father, Mordechai (Markus) Weitz worked before the war in one of the oil
companies. Married Charlotte Weiss Bachman, they had a daughter, Tushka who
was born in 1929. Tushka and his wife did not survive the war.
My father, Mordechai (Markus) Weitz ended up in a labor camp (I do not know
the name). Before an Action he was warned by one of the engineers that an
Action is planned. He asked who is willing to try to escape, a sixteen old boy (I do
not remember the name) was willing to take the chance, they escaped through
the Carpathian Mountains to Budapest Hungary. At the end of the war, he
returned to Boryslaw, met Dora, they left Boryslaw and ended up in a DP Camp in
Bensheim. Mordechai and Dora were members of theHa-Shomer Ha-tzair, and
with the help, of his brother Tuvia they got certificate to enter Israel that was still
under the British Mandate. They arrived in Merhavia in 1947. Mordechai started
immediately to work in Naaman as the Steam Tank operator, he stayed there until
his retirement in 1966. My father Mordechai died at the end of 1973 and was
buried in Kibbutz Merchavia.
Dora and Mordechai had one daughter, two granddaughters and four great
grandchildren .