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Brodt Hank

מתוך אזכרה שנתית של ארגון דרוהוביץ בוריסלב והסביבה לנפטרי 2019-2020 ב-zoom -מ-24.12.2020
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הנק ברודט
בן יוכבד ברודט ונחמן בינדר
נולד בשנת 1925 בבוריסלב
נפטר ב- 22.5.2020 בגרינסבורו, ארה"ב
Hank (Henek) Brodt, was born in Boryslaw in 1925 son of Yochevet Brodt and
Nachman Binder. He died on May 22,2020 in Greensboro NC.
He was born to a very poor family in Boryslaw. His father died
of industrial accident at about 6 months old and the Jewish services placed
him in an Orphanage in Drohobycz, returning home to live with his mother
at the age of 13.
After surviving the horrors of the Holocaust in a forced labor camp in Boryslaw,
he was transported to five death camps, and finally liberated by the US army
on May 6, 1945.
He met his future wife in a DP Camp and they built their home in the US, raising
two daughters. Throughout his life he worked as a talented carpenter. Hank was
actively involved in Holocaust memorial activities and published his memoirs in
his book, A Candle and a Promise.

Hank lived to see his grandchildren's weddings and the birth of his three great-

He will be missed, leaving a legacy of love, fairness and determination.
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