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Submitted by Marilyn Krochmal-Gelfand, New York

Both Mark Krochmal (Friedlander) and Ala Krochmal (Chil) were born and lived in
Boryslaw. Ala’s family owned a confectionary shop on a bridge. Mark’s family was
involved with banking and oil. They had a comfortable life until Hitler reached their town.
They married in June 1939 when their world was changing and survived by being hidden
under floor boards. After the war when they emerged nothing was theirs any longer and
the Soviets wanted to send Mark to Odessa to work and leave his wife and sister
behind. They joined an underground, walked to Czechoslovakia and vowed never to
Mark and Ala Mark survived with Salka Krochmal and arrived in NY in 1947 aboard the
Marine Marlin. Nine months later Marilyn was born and she was named after the
ship! They created a life with other survivors in NYC and soon they owned a department
Marilyn continues to live in NYC on the beach in Rockaway, Queens. She is married to
Gary Gelfand and they have two children, Kenneth and Deborah. Currently there are 5
grandchildren and boy! are they proud to be - as Mark would say - their victory over
Although their lives were successful and new generations were created in America, the
scars of the Holocaust were so deep and painful that no information could be shared
about the past. Now that Marilyn is older, she has taken an interest in genealogy and
understanding the history of her family as a personal healing. IF anyone has any
connection, it would be great to share information.
Ala would send packages to Poland but who the woman and daughter were who hid
them is unknown. If anyone has any information it would be appreciated

An Oral History interview with Mark Krochmal

What is left of Jewish Boryslaw, In Memory of Mark and Arlene (Ala) Krochmal, by Patrick Dempsey

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