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Bula Nowak-Klinghofer-Feldstein-Brock

Submitted by Barbara Bieganiec, Haifa, daughter of Bula and Mundek’s (Muzio) friends. This information is based on documents that they had left with Barbara, submitted by Barbrara to Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot archives.

Bronislawa (Bula) Nowak was born in September 2nd, 1908 in Brody. She was the daughter of Pauline Klinghoffer.
Pauline was born in Brody on May 27th, 1886. Bula was a German language teacher at the high school in Tustanowice and survived the war together with her parents.
Bula married Edmond – Mundek (Mujo) Nowak, born under the name Jacob Feldstein on September 7th, 1912 in Jaroslaw. He was the son of Zigmund Herman Feldstein and Halina Feldstein-Brock. Zigmund-Herman graduated from a technical school in Budapest and was a professional plumber. Before the war the family lived in Boryslaw and during the war Mundek was sent to the ghetto in Boryslaw. As the family spoke German Jacob was forced to change his name to Edmond Nowak due to the the Poles’ hostility towards German speakers after the war. He was a musician.
Bula and Mundek-Muzio married after the war and lived in Katowice where their son, Roman was born. The family made aliyah to Israel in 1957.
Bula passed away in Ramat Aviv on February 22nd, 2016 at the age of 106. Muzio passed away several years earlier.