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Submitted by: Dudait Porath

My great grandparents, Shmuel and Rivka Oberlaender, had three children:
- Yossi was married to Esther Malka and they had five children
- David Shimon was born in Bronica in 1876 married Miriam who was born in 1884 in Orow. She was the daugther of Shlomo Oberlaender and Ethel Fried.
Shlomo and Ethel are the grandparents of Dudait Porath, Bruria Zaggagi and Yoav Oberlaender.
David and Miriam lived before the war at 15 Balona street.

Miriam had two siblings:
- A brother, Berrish, who lived in Drohobycz and was an amputee
- A sister, Rivka, who lived in Boryslaw

David Shimon had a business of pipes for the oil industry in Broyslaw.
He and Miriam had five children:
1. Shmuel Arye (Leib) born in 1909- murdered in the Holocaust. His wife, Shoshana (Roza) Londerner, survived and lives in the US.
2. Gustav was born in 1910 and was married to Regina. Both survived and lived in Israel until their passing.
3. Heman Zvi was born in 1912. He was married before the war and had two daugthers Elsa and Basia, both murdered in the Holocaust. Herman and Regina were the parents of Dudait Porath and Bruria Zagagi. 
4. Joseph was born in 1915 and was married to Frieda. Joseph and Frieda immigrated to Israel separately before the war and lived there until their passing. Their son is Yoav Oberlaender.
5. Eliyahu was born in 1918. He was a mechanic and was married to Batya. He fled to Russia and was never heard from again.

Family Photos: