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The information was provided by the grandson, Baruch Atir, Tel Aviv
My grandmother Pnina (Pearl ) Reich and her mother, Recha (Vaidman) were murdered by the Nazis in Schodnica.
My grandmother’s brother (Vaidman) had a large house and garden in Drohobycz. His wife used to bake challahs for the poor every Friday. His son, Dr. Itzhak Vaidman, came to Israel with the Anders Army and then emigrated to the US. There he married the daughter of a Backenrot cousin. They lived in Brooklyn and had three children.
David Vaidman, who was my father’s age and his close friend, arrived in Israel from Poland in 1956 and settled in Holon. He was survived by a son, a daughter and grandchildren.
My grandfather, Yaakov Reich was born in Bochnia, Poland and was last seen in a hiding place in the ghetto.
My father, Shmuel Atir (Reich) made Aliyah in 1939. Bruno Schulz was his art teacher.