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Submitted by Alex Tamir, Kvutzat Shiller, Israel

Family Stories:
Grandfather Filip Tannenbaum was a judge in the Austrian Justice Department as well as a senior judge in the Regional Court of Drohobycz. The emperor Franz Josef awarded him a gold ring with a diamond in recognition of his work.
He purchased two very luxurious homes near the high school in Drohobycz where he and his family resided. These homes (truly palaces) still exist to this very day at ul. Sienkiewicza 16+14.
Grandmother Klara Tannenbaum (Nagel – Menkes) did a lot of charity work for the Jewish poor and needy.
My father, Sewer Tannenbaum was born on March 13th, 1904 in Lvov. He graduated from the Drohobycz high school in 1922, studied law and received a master’s degree. In January 1936 the family immigrated to Israel and settled in Kvutzat Shiller.
My mother Pnina was born in Lvov in 1911. Her family lived at 9 Formanska ul. Her parents were Yaakov and Amelia Katz – Rosenthal. Amelia’s family was from the Fish Chasidic dynasty.
My parents both were fluent in eight languages. However, no foreign languages including Yiddish, were allowed in our kibbutz.


Swiadectwo dojrzalosci

Sewer Tannenbaum's Certificate

 Tannenbum's Family University Certificates

Family Photos: 

Tannenbum Family

Klara and Philip Tannenbum

Philip Tannenbum

Pnina and Sewer Tannenbum- 1

Pnina and Sewer Tannenbum- 2