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Submitted by Nava Otny, Rehovot

At our Annual Memorial Gathering on March 23 rd , 2019 Nava Otny lit a memorial candle
Nava’s parents Genia Szpinrad and Kalman Kenigsberg, both Stryj natives, were already married when
they immigrated to Israel in 1933. Nava’s aunt Haya (her mother’s sister) immigrated with them.
The rest of Genia’s family – her parents Moshe Szpinard and Feiga Kammes, her sisters Zelda (who was
married to Shmuel and had a son Danek), Esther, Sara and Zisel all perished in the Shoah.
Kalman, Nava’s father succeeded in bringing his parents, brothers and sisters to Israel before the
Nava has a brother Uri (born in 1935), married with three children and nine grandchildren.
Nava, born in 1944 is a psychologist. Throughout the years she worked in many governmental psychiatric
institutions as well as a private practice. She has a son, Oren, who works in Hi-tech.