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Ehrenweld Rotenberg Gottlieb Tigerman

Submitted by Ram Oron (Nes-Ziona), the great-grandson of Sara-Salomea Ehrenwald
My father’s paternal grandmother, Sara Salomea Ehrenwald was born in Drohobycz in 1878. Her parents
were Esther (possibly also: Rachel?) Gottlieb and Shmuel Leib Rotenberg. Esther was probably the
daughter of Felicia (Fania) Tigerman and Yizhak Gottlieb. Esther’s siblings were: Ana, Leopold, Haim,
Jadwiga and Maurycy (the painter).
Sara’s siblings were all born in Drohobycz and Boryslaw:
Leora was born in 1883 and married into the Friedman family;
Rivka was born in 1881;
Avraham-Alfred was born in 1867 and married Rosa-Reisel (Mayer);
Yaakov was born in 1873 and passed away when he was one-year old;
Amalia was born in 1871. She married Marcus-Yona Asher and they had three children: Suzanna-Zlata,
Yizhak and Aharon-Artur. The family lived in Sanok. Except for Aharon-Artur they were all murdered in
the Shoah.
Sara-Salomea lived in Jaroslaw and was probably murdered in 1941. My grandfather immigrated to
Israel in 1931.

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