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Submitted by his children Silvia Hefetz and Ari Speicher; Interviewed by Dr. Zvi Reiter
Adolfo (Dolek) Speicher z”l was born in Boryslaw, the son of Dov-Berl and Malka Speicher z”l.
During the war Dolek and his family were detained in a forced labor camp in Boryslaw. Dolek was sent to Płaszów and from there to Mauthausen. His parents and his siblings Nathan and Adela did not survive.
After the war in a refugee camp in Austria Dolek met and married Sheina. Their daughter Amalia was born and passed away in the camp. The couple moved from Austria to France and in 1947 they immigrated to Argentina. Their children Silvia and Ari were born in Argentina. In 1974 the family immigrated to Israel. For a number of years, Dolek was the chair-person of the Drohobycz, Boryslaw and Vicinity Organization.

Submitted by Adolfo Dolek Speicher, Jerusalem


An interview with Adolfo Dolek Speicher ,Intergenerational Gathering, Nov 8th 2013


Submitted by his daughter Silvia Hefetz, Jerusalem, and his granddaughter Orly-Or, Tel-Aviv.
Adolfo (Dolek) Speicher was born on the 4th of Sivan, 1923 in Boryslaw, the son of Malka and Dov-Berl. He passed away in Jerusalem on the 11th of Kislev, 2016.
Dolek was the second child in his family. Dolek and three cousins alone survived out of 130 extended family members. His older brother Nathan was murdered because he was a communist. His parents and other family members were murdered in Auschwitz and Belzec. Dolek was taken to Płaszów. He escaped, was captured and sent as forced laborer to Mauthausen, where he was liberated on May 5th, 1945.
When the war ended, he married the love of his life, Sheindel Piulon. Sheindel was a holocaust survivor too and a fighting partisan. Dolek and Sheindel had an exceptionally loving marriage for 70 years. The couple had two children, five grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Dolek referred to them as “my lifetime achievement my lottery win”.
In Argentina he left his mark wherever he was engaged: he was an exemplary symbol of excellence; Raising awareness for Zionism, respecting others, commemorating the Holocaust, dedicated to community and mutual help. His legacy was: "Strive to be a person where there are no people".
He was active in his Jewish Community (Amiya), was the chair-person of the Jewish Education Committee and instrumental in establishing the H. N. Bialik Jewish School in La Plata.