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Submitted by Yehuda Bronicki, Yavne

Organizing  Survival in Drohobycz

Tightrope - Interview with Michael Karpin

Tightrope - The book

Article  about saving hundreds of Jews during the war by Naftali Backenroth, Globes, 30.4.2008

Watch the movie "Naftali Backneroth- A ray of light in the dark" that screened in Annual Memorial Meeting 2016 about saving Jews by Mr. Naftali Backenroth

Jewish Rescuer's Citation conferred upon Naftali Backenroth ZL March 7th 2017

Jerusalem Post JP_Article.pdf

Bnai Brith Article

Arotz Sheva Article and Video The Jewish Schindler

Listen to interview on the radio with Yehuda and Natan Zehavi from minute 53:40

The Forgotten Jewish Schindler from Drohobycz

מאמר  "זהות שאולה" שכתב הרי זיימר בירושלים ב-1992 (מצרפתית) שקיבלנו מיהודה ברוניצקי.

טקס הענקת המציל היהודי לנפתלי בקנרוט -באתר בני ברית

Family photos 

In the picture from right: Hani Backenroth, Jonas's Backenroth daugther. In 16 years old she murdered. she lived: July 20, 1925 till October 28, 1941.

In the picture from left in the first line: Anni Backenroth, Salek's Backenroth wife, Wilma Salek's Backenroth daugther.

In the picture from left in the second line: Second from left Salek- 3d from left Tulek