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מתוך אזכרה שנתית של ארגון דרוהוביץ בוריסלב והסביבה לנפטרי 2019-2020 ב-zoom -מ-24.12.2020
החומר נמסר מקרובת משפחה קרנית גולדוורג ת"א
grishlag otilia

Submitted by Otylja Grunshlag; Interviewed by dr. Zvi Reiter

Otylja was born in Drohobycz in 1925. Her parents were Zelig, a merchant, and Esther.
Otylja lost her parents and her brothers Avraham and Nechemia in the Shoah. She and her other three
siblings survived.
Otylja studied in law school in Lvov. In 1957 she immigrated to Israel.
She worked at the College of Management in various managerial positions until her retirement at the
age of 75.

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