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Interviewed by Dr. Zvika Reiter, 2014
Submitted by Avraham Hauptman, Tel Aviv

Avraham was born in 1925 in Podhorce. His family moved to Schodnica when he was two years old.
Avraham’s brother was killed during the war and his mother perished in the Drohobycz ghetto. His father served in the Red Army and survived.
In 1960, Avraham immigrated to Israel with his family. He worked as an engineer and project manager. He worked on building schools, kindergartens and gymnasiums in Tel Aviv, Rishon Letzion, Holon and Bat-Yam, the Tel Aviv City Hall and the Sports Hall, as well as projects in Tehran.
Avraham has two children. In recent years, Avraham commemorated the lives of our communities in a series of stories published on the organization's website. The collection of his stories, "I did not sing you Schodnica", "Experiences You Remember" and "Shtetl Characters" commemorate the lives of our families before the Holocaust in a lively and humorous way.
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