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Submitted by: Eitan Burg's daughters - Michal Gefen and Yael Atzmon

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Submitted by Eitan Burg's daughters - Michal Gefen and Yael Atzmon

Eitan Burg, son of Yetta and Shmuel Burg, was born on October 18 th , 1931 (7 th of Chesvan 5692)
in Drohobycz and passed away on August 22 nd , 2021 (14 th of Elul 5781), in Nordia.
His father Shmuel owned a large cloth and fur store. The home was secular, and they spoke
Polish and German. A warm and loving home.
At the beginning of the war the family remained in their home until they were transferred to
the Drohobycz ghetto. As a young boy, Eitan was first hidden outside the ghetto in the laundry
where his mother worked, and later was moved to live in the attic of a carpentry shop. He
managed to escape when the police arrived at the carpentry shop following a tip to the
Germans by an informant. Eitan then went through a long and painful journey: after the news
of his parents' murder arrived, he wandered between various families who first hid him in
various sheds, in a pigsty, and then in various hiding places in the forest in horrendous
conditions. Eitan was at last reunited with his sister Blanca and together they traveled to
Warsaw using forged documents. In Warsaw for their safety, they parted ways again, and Eitan
continued his journey between several families under a false identity, with appalling adventures
and very difficult experiences for a boy of his age.
At the end of the war, Eitan was smuggled from Poland to Germany. In 1947, as part of a youth
group, he was sent via France to Eretz Israel on the ship "Latrun" and then to kibbutz Mishmar
Hasharon He continued his school studies until his enlistment to army service in 1950. Eitan
served in the IDF as an infantry officer, as a platoon leader in the Nahal, and the commander of
the Bahan heachzut (pre-kibbutz military settlement). In the army reserves, he participated in
the Sinai War as a commander in Givati and continued to command various infantry units. In his
last position in the reserves, he was the commander of the Haifa district in the rear command.
At the end of his reserves service, he attained the rank of lieutenant colonel. After his military
service, Eitan worked in the Ministry of Defense, serving as the head of security in Raphael and
a member of the board for many years until his retirement.
Eitan was married to Sima for 55 years until her death. Theirs was a loving and great friendship
relationship. After their retirement they traveled a lot in Israel and abroad, studied, and were
very present in the life of their close-knit family. After the death of his beloved wife Sima, Eitan
moved to a senior housing in Nordia, near his daughters' residences.

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