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החומר נמסר על ידי אבני בלה -רעננה.
מתוך זוכרים לדורות תעוד ניצולי שואה -תושבי רעננה

avni bela

Submitted by Bella Avni; Interviewed by Dr. Zvika Reiter 2017
Bella was born in Drohobycz in 1931, daughter of Róża (Rotman) and Mundek Karcer from Krakow.
After a pogrom during the holocaust, Bella was moved into the Drohobycz ghetto and later in a Lager (camp). Later on she hid with a Christian family until the liberation.
Her mother Róża was murdered in the Bronica forest. Her father was murdered on the street in Drohobycz together with Bruno Schultz. Her brother Salek joined the partisans at the beginning of the war, but did not survive.
At the end of the war, 13 years old Bella went to school in Drohobycz for one year. She then moved with her aunt’s family to Gliwice where she completed her high school education.
Bella immigrated to Israel in 1948 with a group of orphans. Bella enlisted in the IDF where she met her husband Yeshayahu z"l, a member of the military.
Bella has three children and is involved in various volunteer activities.