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David my dear friend,
You left us, as did Schodnica...
You were the last adult remnant. You knew all the Jews of Schodnica and every Schodnica resident knew
You knew every alley and every house in Schodnica, as you knew every house of a previous resident of
Schodnica in Israel.
You were the one we all leaned on, we all knew there was someone to turn to that would help.
I remember the day 35 years ago, when my father died. The first to arrive was David.
You remembered my brith, the same way you remembered every event that happened in Schodnica.
You arrived here (in Israel) with the Polish army before the Holocaust. Since then, all the former
residents of Schodnica knew you and you knew them.
David, your life was not easy. A son who died in his prime, most of your family members were murdered
in the Holocaust, Zippora, your wife, who was very ill in her last days, a son-in-law who died too young.
Your beloved and strong support was Dvora, your daughter and now she will be the pillar of the family,
and make sure to keep in touch with the former residents and descendants of Schodnica.
David, we saw you just a few days ago and no sign of old age was felt on you. You were lucid until your
last moment. This too is a comfort.
We will make sure that all Schodnica descendants would know who David Rubinstein-Shoham was.
Rest in peace.
Milek Wachtel, August 2102

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