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Brikenstein, Niler and Sekler families

Submitted by Sarah Preis, Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

A family story: Both my parents were born in Boryslaw. They both passed away when I was still young and much to my regret I do not have any information about them and their families. My mother Tirtza (Teshka) Brikenstein (her maiden name). Her parents were Ziesel and Zeilig. My mother had three sisters and as far as I know the family owned a kiosk as well as a leather store for shoe makers.
My father Tzvi (Hersh or Herman) Sekler, later he adopted his mother's maiden name: Niler and this was also our last name in Israel.
My father had three or four sisters and brothers, his parents’ names: Sarah and Mordechai.
My parents got married after the war and in 1950 they emmigrated to Israel and lived in Afula, where I was born.
Family Photos:

מכתב על תולדות חייו שכתב הרמן נילר בפבר 1945 לשלטונות צבא פולין בבקשה לגייסו לצבא הפולני .