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Goretzki Wagman

Submitted by Marian Goretzki, Tel Aviv

Hela's Luck

Dr. Marian Goretzki at the Lighting of Candle ceremony by the First Generation, 2019.

Marian was born in Boryslaw in 1940 to Yona and Helena Z”L. Throughout the war, young Marian was hidden at the home of Michelna Toskevitz, who was honored with the title of "Righteous Among The Nations".
His mother, Helena, survived the war in hiding and his father, Yona, in the Red Army.

Following the war, the family resided in Warsaw and made Aliyah to Israel in 1958. Marian served his duty in Zahal, studied and received a degree in Chemistry in
the Technion in Haifa, earned his PhD at the Weitzman Institute and served as a professor there.
In the 1980's Marian established a biotechnology company which he managed for over twenty years. Marian went on to develop a treatment for burns, as well.
Marian was married to Alexandra, Z”L. They have two children, Guy and Neta, and six grandchildren.