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Submitted by Zvi Reiter, 2018
The father of Aliza Asa (Karnieli), the late Moshe-Monio, was born in Lviv and from a young age
lived in Schodnica together with his mother Elka (Zelinger). Aliza’s father had two brothers - the
late Yehiel, who immigrated to Israel before the war, and Mordechai, whose traces were lost in
the war. Moshe's parents perished in the Holocaust.
Aliza's mother, the late Ronia (Shtisel), was born in Boryslaw. Her brother, Mark, perished in
Auschwitz along with their mother. The mother's father, Yitzhak-Isaik, was taken to
Mauthausen and from there to Auschwitz, where he perished.
Aliza's father wandered in Kazakhstan throughout the war and after returning to the destroyed
Schodnica continued to Katowice, where he met Aliza's mother, who came from Lichtenwarden (is it
possible it is: Lichtenvoorde in the Netherlands???). The couple migrated to Italy, got married in Naples
and boarded the immigration ship "Mordei Hagetaot" which was captured by the British and its
passengers were deported to Cyprus, where Aliza was born. Later, with their immigration to Israel, her
brother Hagai was born.
Aliza worked as a kindergarten teacher for many years and later ran an ulpan for new immigrant
children in a high school.
Aliza is married to Moshe. They have three children and five grandchildren.

Submitted by Aliza and Roi Asa

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