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Interview with Jacob Sztorch 

Watch the video from our meeting at 17 December 2012 in Givataim

Jacob's parents: 

Father- Hersz Fink Sztorch, born in Drohobycz in 1890

Mother- Rachel, from Trajber, born in 1896 

About Jacob Stzorch

Interview with Jacob Sztorch 

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Presented by Gali Issachar (grandaughter of Ida and Jacob Sztorch)

This is the baking-board that belonged to my late grandmother, Ida.
On this little board in her kitchen she taught me how to flatten dough, how to fold kreplach (dumplings), to form cookies...and we also talked a lot...about everything.

I will never forget when she told me how she was forced to say goodbye to her parents at the train station in order to flee and save herself, how she looked at her parents for the very last time on that platform. She was not yet 18 years old.

From an early age I learnt from my grandfather Yossi z”l how they collected all the men of the shtetl including his father Zanwil, brought them into the synagogue and from there they were taken away and murdered. My grandfather looked after his little sisters and his mother. He was sneaking out to look for food in the streets – rummaging through trash cans for any scraps, potato peels, anything, so that they would not starve.

Grandfather Jacob z”l was our war hero – he was a fighter in the Red Army. His stories from the battles, the wandering, the travels, and the first meeting with his father (my grandfather did not know his father was alive) when he returned from battle, will stay with me forever.

When my kids will be old enough and able to comprehend this topic, when we prepare together pizza dough on grandmother’s Ida baking board, I will tell them about their brave grandparents.

I will tell my children about grandmother Nutzi and grandfather Yossi, about grandmother Ida and grandfather Jacob. I will tell them that thanks to them we are here. How they rose from the horrors and the bereavement, from the destruction and the ruins, came to Israel and established here a home and a family.

To the memory of my beloved grandparents, I will always remember and never forget.