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Submitted by his son Dubi Speigler

Jewish work permit provided Zigmunt Spiegler in the Boryslaw Ghetto for working outside the ghetto, 1942
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Comments by the submitter of the material:

Zigmunt Spiegler was born in Boryslaw, Poland, 1921; his father Yehoshua Spiegler was a Hassid who worked in the Chevra Kadisha (Jewish Burial Society) and buried the Jews who perished in the Boryslaw Ghetto; [his father] died of typhus; Zigmunt had a brother and a sister who perished in Auschwitz; Zigmunt worked as a bookkeeper in a factory outside of the Boryslaw Ghetto; during the last "Aktion" in the ghetto he escaped to the forest together with his future wife, Henryka Ringel, born in Boryslaw, Poland, 1924, who had been his neighbor before the war; Zigmunt built a large bunker in the forest where [he and] additional people hid; they lived there until the liberation;

Zigmunt and Henryka married in Boryslaw, 1944; they moved to Drohobycz, late 1945, where their elder son Yehoshua was born, they made aliya to Israel, 1950.