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Annual Gathering 2017 – “The Genial Epoch”

Such a beautiful and emotional Annual Gathering it was, Tel Aviv, March 7th, 2017. A great opportunity to meet and keep in touch. We were all happy meeting old friends and introducing new ones. Our exhibition, "A Story of Life and Death in Drohobycz and Boryslaw", again drew a lot of interest, memories and stories.
The meeting hall was jam packed with more than 350 members and guests as we dealt with our own heritage of activism.
It has been our earnest privilege to attend a ceremony held by The B'nai B'rith World Center and the Committee to Recognize the Heroism of Jews who Rescued Fellow Jews During the Holocaust (JRJ) who conferred their joint "Jewish Rescuer's Citation"  to Naftali Backenroth-Bronicki Z’L. Mr Backenroth was able to save the lives of hundreds of our relatives during the Holocaust.