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First Generation Meeting in Haifa on 12.09.2014

מפגש דור ראשון בחיפה 12.09.14
Forty-one members of the organization met in Haifa at the home of our friend Dr. Zvika Reiter and heard the fascinating stories of the first and second generations.

First generation members, Dr. Isaac Stg and Aviva gave Moses Goldring, told about their lives before the Second World War and about events during holocaust.

York Rotenberg told us about Berthold Beitz and Eberhard Helmrich who were able to help survivors. Both became recognized by Yad Vashem as “The Righteous Among The Nations”.

Second generation members told us about the history of their families.

We all listened to Michael Taocherman, Yonah Tillman, Bruria Zagagi-Oberlander and Ricky Hevron-Mayer.

The brothers Uzi & Moses told us how a simple question by a Polish investigator (Marla Raucher-Osborne) led to a fascinating information about their family, their grandfather, and how they found family ties across the world.

Barbara Baganitz told us how she finally succeeded, after searching for fifty years to locate her father's family.

Thanks to Ronit Alperin for organizing the first generation gatherings, and to Dr. Zvika Reiter for his gracious hosting, to all the participants and to all those who helped.

Videos and pictures from the gathering: