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Annual Meeting 2016

Annual Memorial Meeting 2016

Please see pictures from our meeting 

Marking 75 years since the Nazis brutal invasion of our families homes, we decided to turn our attention to those who by their very existence were miracles that happened to those of our families who survived the Holocaust. This year we had the honour to meet and talk with the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Righteous Germans, Poles and Ukrainians, who risked their own and their families' lives to save other human beings - persecuted Jews. They were those unique people who chose not to stand passively on the sidelines. With our guests at the memorial meeting, we tried to better understand the motives that drove those righteous people, wondering with great curiosity what we can learn from them.

We met Ms Anna Pilko, daughter of Slava and Izydor Wolosianski from Drohobycz.



Ms. Karen Bijkersma, third- and fourth-generation of the Makar family from Boryslaw.


Please read Karen's story about her grandfather Makar family

And Ms. Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen , the daughter of a Wehrmacht officer Eberhard and Ms. Donata Helmrich operating in Drohobycz.


Also, we heard about the couple Elsa and Berthold Beitz who were Germans based in Boryslaw. Unfortunately their daughter, Ms. Susan Henle could not come to the meeting.

During those horrible days there were also Jews who saved their brethren. A unique representative of these people was Mr. Yehuda Bronicki, son of Naftali Backenroth from Drohobycz.


You may watch a full video of our Annual Meeting