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Members of our Organization often meets 
In those social meetings people from first and second generation tell their life stories
Every year we have Memorial Gathering and on top we have other gatherings
You may see videos and pictures from those meetings

First Generation Meeting in Haifa on 12.09.2014

מפגש דור ראשון בחיפה 12.09.14 Forty-one members of the organization met in Haifa on September 12, 2014 at the home of our friend
Dr.Zvika Reiter and heard the fascinating stories of the first and second generation.
The first generation members, Dr. Isaac Stg and Aviva gave Moses Goldring,
told about their lives before the second World War and about Events during holocaust.
york Rotenberg told us about two Righteous, who helped a lot to a part of the survivor, Berthold Baicz and Eberhard Helmrih.

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Genealogical meeting 2016

Many of our members have expressed interest in looking for information about their roots and details about their families which many did not receive from their parents

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סדרת ההרצאות הדים הוצגה במהלך שנת 2022-2023 ובמהלכה סקרנו את האירועים ההיסטוריים שהתחוללו בקהילות דרוהוביץ' ובוריסלב על מאז מחצית המאה ה-19 ואילך

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